บริษัท เอดีดี เฟอร์เนส จำกัด.

company everywhere in thailand installation, dismantling, and reinstalment of your heat treating equipments:

  • repair, maintenance and optimization
  • modification and upgrade of existing, new or used equipment
  • resale of parts and control equipment;
  • consultation on your process and acquisition of heat treating equipment;
  • design and assembly of controllers, electronic panels and integration of probles;
  • design and assembly and repair of heater element (brand kanthal af)
  • general consultation on heat treating
  • hi-tech design means lower failure
  • furnace design company has a team of trained and experienced engineers
  • suitable design for fast service
  • telephonic advice for fast technical aid
  • built with care and quality workmanship for fail-safe performance
  • in-house, state-of-the-art, world-class testing regimen
  • clean layout with ample space and easy accessibility to all components means fast and quality maintenance and servicing
  • ample stock and availability of spare part

industrial web converting equipment

custom designs

furance designs 's products are customized after in-depth analysis of your needs. in fact, we have engineers in both, our sales and design departments.

our expertise in designing equipment for many different fields of research and industrial application enables us to help you identify the best equipment for the best results.our state of the art engineering tolls allow us to efficiently design a unit customized to your exact needs at an off-the-shelf price.

custom instrumentation

we also deliver specialization in electronic instrumentation. it's not enough to build the best web converting equipment if you can't get the best out of it, easily and simply.

we custom-build all our instrumentation panels using everything from single digital set point temperature controls, to fully computerized plc systems that can be interactive with other computer systems in your facilities.

we integrate a wide variety of sensors dictated by the type of material treated and select the most appropriate components from all major brands of controller manufacturers.

whether you want to replace an existing process line or rethink all of your web production needs, we provide ongoing consultation with our engineers.

all our sales representatives are as interested in technique and performance as you are. perhaps more so, because every new project becomes a personal challenge.

specialized installation & commissioning

our specialized installation team can install all our pieces of equipment no matter the size. the largerst projects are fitted in our shop, dismantled for transportation, and reassembled on site. all of this closely supervised by our engineering staff.